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Arf!  Arf!

Come on into my doghouse and let's get acquainted.

Would you like to look at some of my photos?
I'm a model, you know...:

A Funny Bone Photo Album
Let Me Introduce Myself...
With a bunch of cute pictures!


You can't have my chewy bone.
Mine, all mine!

Beauty AND brains.

A Funny Bone Photo Album
A Day With Alex
You'll laugh, you'll cry, I'll become a part of you!

A Funny Bone Photo Album
Bear Fight
I battle a ferocious beast -- and win!

Me at my most noble.
You may call me Your Highness.
Now, cut that out!
You're gonna lose those fingers, pal!
A Funny Bone Photo Album
My most seductive "pet-me" poses.
A Funny Bone Photo Album
The Treat Game
Gimme, gimme, gimme.

I told you never to call me here!
Leave your bark after the tone.

Some days I just can't get out of bed...
A Funny Bone Photo Album
I'm too sleepy to model any more.
Come back and see me again some other time!



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