Alex - American Eskimo Dog

A Day in the Life of Alex

Hi two-leggers, how would you like to enjoy a dog's life?  Let me tell you about a typical day with me, happy-making dog extraordinaire.

Boy, am I sleepy.  I'm sleeping in my under-bed cave where it's nice and cool and dark.  Dad gets up and serves me breakfast.  I want the breakfast but it's too much bother to crawl out of my cave.  Maybe he'll slide the bowl under the bed, so that I can eat it and go right back to sleep.


Mom and Dad are in the Stupid Room.  Whenever they go in there, they're at risk of getting their hides wet.  I crawl out from under the bed and wait for them to come to their senses and get out of the Stupid Room.  When they come out they're gonna see how cute I am all relaxed on the bed.

Mom's putting on her unfurry fur.  This means we're going to go somewhere.  I'd better keep an eye on her.

Mom's packing stuff.  The gray boxy thing goes into the black bag thing.  This is it.  She's gonna go somewhere.  I'd better make sure she notices me and takes me with her.  I snatch up my squirrel in my mouth to get her attention.

Mom's trying to put my collar on.  It's very important that I start to bounce around with the squirrel in my mouth.  She can't get the collar on me.  Ha ha!

Oh shoot.  Mom won again, and the collar's on me!

Well?  Are we ready to go yet?

I dash to the front door and I bounce all over the place!  She stops at the door to pick up my walkie bag, and we're on our way!


We're in the car and we're moving!  We could be going ANYWHERE!  How exciting!  Actually, 99% of the time we just go to Mom's office.  But it's still EXCITING!


Mom's office!  Hooray!  I hop out and I whizz in my official whizzing place.  Can I be first in the door to the office?

While Mom works at her desk, I go to mine.  Welcome to my office.  Won't you come in?


Mom's working on the big box.  I'm bored.  Bored, bored, bored.  I guess I'll catch a nap.


Lunchtime!  Everybody's eating.  Feed me too!  Please Mom?

Begging to Mom doesn't seem to work.  Let me try this other two-legger.

Please feed me, feed me, feed me!  Food for me?  Food for me?  Food food food!


Mom ate Taco Bell food for lunch and all I got was this lousy rawhide.  It's not two-legger food but it will have to do.

Hey, it's actually pretty good!  Lick, lick, chew, chew...

Chewing my rawhide is hard work!  I think I'll get back to it later.

When I wake up I go and sit and stare at Mom. Staring, staring, staring.  I add my open smile.  Finally Mom breaks out of her trance.  Yes, I'm restless!  Mom takes me outdoors and we check the perimeter of my turf.  I sniff carefully all along the fence.  That cat's been through here again.  Then we come back inside.  I hop up on the seat next to Mom and go to sleep while she's working.


Someone's at the door!  BARK BARK BARK BARK!  I'm squinting up my eyes to look tough.  It's hard to look tough when you're as floofy as I am.  But I can sound like a real big dog if properly motivated.  BARK BARK!

Oh, I know you.  Pardon me.  Come on in.

Hmm.  He's sleepy or sick or something.  I'd better guard him while he rests.

Okay, the visitor's gone, now maybe I can nab a quick nap.


Do you MIND?  I'm trying to sleep here.

Oh, well Mom, if you're going to pet me... I'm up for that!



Ohmygaw!  FoodGuy is here!  That must mean it's dinner time!  HOORAY!  Let's all go get dinner.



Ugh, I think I'm getting carsick!

When we get back, everybody sits down to eat.  Mom brings me a bowl of crunchy dinner.

Glom glom glom.  Slurp slurp slurp.

Now for some quality time with FoodGuy.

I claim this two-legger for France!


Here's my harp seal impression.  Whattaya think?

This is definitely Puppy Love!


Goodbye FoodGuy!  I'll miss you ... until we see each other tomorrow, of course.

Now it's time to go home.  C'mon Mom, try to catch me so that you can get the collar back on me...!  Hey, on our way to the car, can I get a quick whizz in?


I love the evenings.  We all kick back and relax and cuddle.


Eventually we have to take a break so that I can have my walkie.  I know the way so I lead.  I trot super-fast so Mom has to jog to keep up.  I have to keep her in shape you know.

A whiz, a dump, and we're on our way back to Cuddle Central!


Dad's a great cuddle, he's super-warm!



It's really really late.  It must be at least 9 p.m.  When are these two-leggers going to go to sleep?  I pick up my head and put on my best grumpy stare, but they don't seem to notice.

The black box continues to make noise and they don't turn off their lamps.  Stupid two-leggers.  I'm going to have to crawl into my cave to get some rest.

I love it in my cave.  It's so dark and quiet in here.  I'm resting up for yet another big day tomorrow.  See you then!