Obsessive Ex Syndrome  



How Obsessive Ex Syndrome blocks a Normal Break-Up

During a normal break-up, an ex-partner may ask for several more discussions or meetings, to try to regain their loved one.  A balanced person will eventually realize that the relationship is indeed over, and cease trying to repair the relationship.

An obsessive ex does not see a break-up the same way.

1. The Obsessive Ex may not even believe a break-up is in progress.

The Obsessor may think this is simply a more serious argument than usual, and decide they're supposed to keep contacting the partner until the argument is over and the partner takes them back.  Even when at the point of stalking, Obsessors often still view themselves as a current partner who is simply waiting for an argument to be over.

2. The Obsessive Ex views their partner primarily as an object to support their own self-image, not as a human being.

The Obsessor's approach to the relationship has been what they themselves get out of it -- whether THEY are satisfied with the relationship.  If the partner wants to leave, this is inconvenient for the Obsessor!  They want the partner around to dominate, to make the Obsessor feel powerful.  They didn't particularly care whether the partner was happy with them; they only cared that they preferred to have the partner around.

3. The Obsessor has an irrational "Sense of Entitlement".

This is the personality type that would park in a handicap spot when they're not handicapped because they believe their temporary convenience is "more important" than the needs of some other person (handicapped).  They sincerely believe that their needs are more important than their partner's... more important than their children's... more important than anyone else's.

Once the leaving partner decides to value personal individual needs first, the Obsessor is infuriated.  The partner's act of "rebellion" does not fit into their world view -- that of the Obsessor as the center.

4. The Obsessor wants to punish their ex-partner.

Obsessors can't let a connection end completely, because they may believe themselves to have been so wronged that they "need" to punish or seek revenge against the leaving partner.  Even in cases where an Obsessor was wronged in some way, their desire for justice and how long they cling to these emotions (to the detriment of their own life and others' lives), is completely out of proportion to what injustices may have occurred.


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