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Obsessive Ex Syndrome
Cases in the News

The majority of OEX cases do not have extreme outcomes like those listed below.  Most cases of Obsessive Ex Syndrome do not reach Stage 6.

Manuel Gehring's two children, who were found dead with duct-tape crosses on their chests, were victims of their father's obsession.  News reports stated that the family was in the midst of a custody dispute when he disappeared with them during a visitation.  There are two opposing motives for custody battles: both parents genuinely want their children, or one parent is an Obsessor and is using their children as a tool to try to punish the leaving partner, or force them to reconcile.  [Manuel Gehring Obsessive Ex]

Kenneth Lee Boyd, the 1000th person to be put to death since capital punishment resumed in 1976, stalked and murdered his estranged wife plus his father-in-law.  [Kenneth Lee Boyd Obsessive Ex Syndrome]

William Moore tried to learn his ex-wife's whereabouts by abducting a Lancaster woman and forcing her to make phone calls.  He then attempted to inject the woman with liquid Drano.  When that failed he shot her, she ran, he chased her, shooting her twice more.  She survived because she fell down and pretended to be dead.  [William Moore Obsessive Ex]

Charles Victor Thompson, the death row convict who escaped from prison in November 2005, had been sentenced to die for murdering his ex-girlfriend and her current boyfriend.  [Charles Victor Thompson Obsessive Ex Syndrome]

Peter Braunstein, the "fake fireman" who chloroformed a woman, assaulted her and took her shoes as souvenirs, had previously been in trouble for not leaving an ex-girlfriend alone.  [Peter Braunstein Obsessive Ex]

Carl Edward Roland climbed an 18-story construction crane and perched overnight out of reach of police.  [Carl Edward Roland Obsessive Ex]

Brian Nichols -- the man who escaped from a courthouse, killed 4 people and held a stranger hostage for 8 hours -- is a case of Stage 6 Obsessive Ex Syndrome. He was initially in court because he'd kidnapped his ex-wife, held her prisoner for 3 days, raped her and threatened her life.

The five children who died of carbon monoxide poisoning from an indoor barbecue grill were killed by obsessive ex Adair Javier Garcia. He'd made a videotape in which he spoke to his ex-wife and expressed inability to move on with his life.  [Adair Javier Garcia Obsessive Ex]

Brian Manuel was an obsessive ex who used a little boy as a lure for his ex-wife. He wound up murdering the child; police shot and killed Manuel.  [Brian Manuel Obsessive Ex Syndrome]

A woman was shot in a store by obsessive ex Michael Pech.  At the time he was out on bail for having previously harassed her.

Aaron Dookie killed himself and his daughter over the thought of trying to go on without his wife after a divorce.  [Obsessive Ex Aaron Dookie]

Obsessive Ex William Cotter killed his wife for having left him, then he killed himself.

Ajit Chordia killed his wife and himself rather than allow the divorce to finalize.  [Ajit Chordia Obsessive Ex Syndrome]

Pickney "Chip" Carter murdered his ex, their daughter, and another man.  [Pickney Carter Obsessive Ex]

Williams John Billick murdered his children and then killed himself after arguing with his estranged wife.  [Williams John Billick Obsessive Ex Syndrome]

Stage 1: Courtship
- tests how much control can get over partner
Stage 2: Relationship - tries to maintain control
Stage 3: Break-Up - Obsessor will not accept relationship is over; argues or discusses with ex-partner repeatedly
Stage 4: Stalking - ex-partner is no longer willing to see Obsessor, but Obsessor keeps trying to contact
Stage 5: Threats - intimidation, threatening, blackmail, etc
Stage 6: Violence - abduction, assault, murder and/or suicide
Instead of walking away from the relationship, obsessive ex Francisco Andrade argued with, then shot and killed his ex-girlfriend.

Simon Gonzales couldn't just let go.  He finally used his three innocent children as pawns to punish their mother.  [Simon Gonzales obsessive ex syndrome]

Obsessive ex Francisco Javier Gonzalez shot his estranged wife and then himself.

Bobby Dewayne Gibson attacked his mother-in-law and stabbed and killed his estranged wife.  [Bobby Gibson Obsessive Ex]

Gabriel Ghazelian killed his ex-wife and one of his daughters.  [Gabriel Ghazelian Obsessive Ex]

Obsessive ex Miguel Garcia shot his estranged wife and himself; he died, she survived.

Augustin Garcia, the man who shot a bride on her wedding day, was a case of Obsessive Ex Syndrome.  He was her ex-boyfriend.  [Augustin Garcia Obsessive Ex Syndrome]

35-year-old Anthony Quinn Francois wouldn't accept that a 15-year-old broke up with him.  He shot 5 people in her family, killing 3.  [Anthony Francois Obsessive Ex]

Obsessive Ex Oscar Jimenez went hysterical after a break-up and killed not only himself but an innocent bystander.

Vadim Ivanov couldn't live with his wife having left him -- even though the break-up was caused by his hitting their child.  He ended up murdering his ex.  [Vadim Ivanov Obsessive Ex Syndrome]

Michael Angelo Hill had just been awarded broader visitation rights, but this didn't stop him from killing his ex-girlfriend and her mother.  [Michael Hill obsessive ex]

James Denman, obsessive ex



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