Obsessive Ex Syndrome  





Male Victims

I started this site intending to research female victims only.  However, I've received many personal accounts from male victims.  Reading their accounts, I have observed that female Obsessor cases have aspects that differ from male Obsessors, and male victims have a different kind of experience than female victims.  Eventually I hope to write an additional section of the site dealing exclusively with the problems of male victims.  If you are a male victim, I hope the current female-victim emphasis of this site will not make it less useful or helpful to you.



Obsessive Ex Syndrome is even a factor in some situations where a man stalks a woman that he never dated.  Many stalkers have intensely fantasized that they had, or have, a relationship -- even though they never had any relationship with the object of their obsession.  In one case a woman was stalked for 5 years by a co-worker who sincerely believed and "remembered" that they had dated, even though they'd never seen each other outside of the workplace.



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