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Obsessive Ex Syndrome
Stage 6 Cases: Violence

Most cases of Obsessive Ex Syndrome do not reach Stage 6.  The cases below represent only the most unusual, extreme cases of Obsessive Ex Syndrome.  (The media does not bother to report on the many lesser crimes of early OEX stages.)  The below data has been collected from various news sources.

EVERETT, Wash. -- A man convicted of trying to hire an undercover agent to kill his ex-wife and three of her relatives has been sentenced to 79 years in prison. A meeting with an undercover officer was arranged after Varnell had tried to get his secretary to kill his former wife, testimony showed.  During the trial, Varnell claimed he still loved his ex-wife and said he tried to set up a perilous situation so he could appear to save her in a bid to win her back.

On July 9, 1997 the Midlothian Police Department arrested Stephen Harrelson for attempted murder. Harrelson allegedly entered his estranged wife's home, forced her into a back room and stuck a pistol to her head. The woman alerted her children in front of the home and they were able to summon the police by calling 911. A struggle broke out and the woman was able to get Harrelson to leave. A police pursuit of Harrelson—who still had his gun—ensued. According to police, when he was located Harrelson threatened to kill himself. He eventually laid down his handgun and surrendered.

Dr. Kent D. Leiby, 53, a veterinarian, killed Marilyn G. Leiby, 53, and James A. Bealer, 44, on June 15, 2002, after arranging a meeting with his wife.  Police have said that Marilyn Leiby was trying to finalize the couple's divorce, which had been pending for about five years.  4/9/04 AP

Lisa Brown, 27, was killed by her ex-boyfriend, who then killed himself. Otis Brown, 27, who had the same last name but was not married to Lisa Brown, killed her in the parking lot of the office where she worked in Melville.  8/26/1998

Michelle Richter, 20, was shot four times in the head by her estranged husband, Steven, 23, in the Bohemia deli where she worked. 7/30/1996

Ann Kotel, 52, a teacher in the Wyandanch School District, was shot to death by her ex-boyfriend, Kenneth Maher, 43, at her Greenlawn apartment.  6/3/1990

Joann Johnson, 33, and her two sons, ages 12 and 9, were shot to death by Gregory Washington, an ex-boyfriend.  3/27/1989

April LaSalata, 34, was shot to death outside her Brentwood home by her ex-husband, Anthony. He was released on bail. Four days after her death, he was found shot to death in his car, an apparent suicide.  1/3/1989

Adele Swiggett, 33, was killed by her estranged husband, Anthony, at their home in Central Islip.  9/5/1985

An 8-year-old girl dialed 911 and summoned police to her home on a dirt road in Neenach where her parents lay dead inside. The father, Alfonzo Torivio, had shot the mother, Rebecca. The couple, recently separated, had four children.  4/2004

Andrea Umphrey's estranged boyfriend shot and killed her Sunday after a kidnapping and high-speed chase.  The fatal shot came from a 9 mm handgun owned by Alvin Starks, 30, who faces a homicide charge, kidnapping, aggravated assault and other charges.  4/2004

Gene Hanson shot and killed his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, Tim Gooch, and then himself. A neighbor reported that Hanson staked out his ex-girlfriend's home around 11:30 a.m. Another neighbor reported that about five hours later Hanson pulled his car behind his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend as their car pulled into the driveway. Hanson reportedly got out of his car, said a few words, and then opened fire. He did not shoot his ex-girlfriend, but killed Gooch and then himself. Both Gooch and Hanson died in the woman's driveway. According to the Houston Police Department, Hanson had been harassing his ex-girlfriend the month before the shooting.  8/23/1998

Terek Anthony Mackey, 26, is suspected of shooting Cotree M. Pringle, 21, of Savannah, shortly after midnight Sunday. Savannah police said Mackey and Pringle were involved in a relationship at one time. Mackey used to stay with Pringle on and off, a relative said. Cheryl Branch, program coordinator for Savannah Area Family Emergency Shelter (SAFE) Outreach, said, "In every one of the domestic violence homicides I can think of, the victim had broken up or was in the process of leaving. That is the most dangerous time." Branch stressed that people involved in violent relationships seek help, either from police or SAFE Outreach. Among services, the program can help victims obtain protective orders. "Once you get some intervention going, your chances are so much better," Branch said. "If you are breaking up with someone and there's been violence, call us, or somebody, put someone on alert. Let people know."  8/2003

Stage 1: Courtship
- tests how much control can get over partner
Stage 2: Relationship - tries to maintain control
Stage 3: Break-Up - Obsessor will not accept relationship is over; argues or discusses with ex-partner repeatedly
Stage 4: Stalking - ex-partner is no longer willing to see Obsessor, but Obsessor keeps trying to contact
Stage 5: Threatening - intimidation, threats, blackmail, etc
Stage 6: Violence - abduction, assault, murder and/or suicide
KUMAMOTO -- A 60-year-old man killed his ex-wife by setting fire to her house, police said.  Shigenobu Yamada, an unemployed man of no fixed address, had divorced beauty salon owner Tamiko Arasaki, 56, five years ago.  6/2003

Cincinatti - According to police, a man waited in the parking lot for his ex-wife to come home and shot her three times in the head before shooting himself. She was found sitting in her car, police said.  The names of the man and woman have not been released. Both were in their 60s or 70s, police said.  The couple divorced about three years ago, WLWT reported.  4/2004

Missouri - A 20-year-old Washington Park who was recently paroled for stabbing his former girlfriend has now been charged with killing her. Jamall Isaac is charged with fatally shooting 18-year-old Melissa Hopson. Isaac was convicted of stabbing Hopson in 2000, and he was paroled November 13th.  1/17/2003

Illinois - Alsip police said Thursday that the fatal shooting of a 21-year-old woman and her boyfriend outside of the woman's home was a murder-suicide. Brian Reid, 23, shot Kristine Frawley on Tuesday night in a car outside Frawley's house and then shot himself. Reid apparently became angry after Frawley told him she wanted to end their relationship.  1/28/2003

Michigan - A man killed his estranged wife with an ax as she slept, their 2-year-old son beside her, police said. Christopher Howard, 36, was charged with murder in the slaying of Marie Irons, who was found in her bed Sunday, her head nearly severed. Irons, 41, had taken out a protection order against her husband about a week earlier, complaining that he had threatened her and the children and that he had been hospitalized for a mental disorder.  12/29/2002

Darks shot his ex-wife Sherry Goodlow six times and then took the couple's 2-year-old child. Darks later confessed to the murder. At trial, prosecutors presented numerous witnesses who testified of numerous incidents in which Darks had been arrested for assaulting his ex-wife. The victim's father testified, also, that Darks had previously threatened to "put a cap" (shoot) in his daughter. Darks was sentenced to death.  8/1994

Florida - A man abducted and killed his ex-girlfriend, drove around with the woman's body in his truck, then shot himself as the woman's frantic father chased him, police said. The body of Garcia's ex-girlfriend, Cristina Filippsen, 20, was found in the pickup's back seat, Schwartz said. Filippsen was apparently abducted from the parking lot of the Dolphin Mall sometime Friday evening, after the woman asked Garcia to meet her there so she could ask him to leave her alone.  12/2002

New York - Cumberland County Prosecutor Arthur Marchand said Michael King, 39, of Bridgeton, apparently shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, JaWanda Bailey, and his father, Wayne King before turning the gun on himself. Bailey's next door neighbor, Sheena Lawrence, said Bailey and Michael King broke up two days before Christmas.  12/27/02

Louisiana - Police say 42-year-old Gerald Barnes was stalking his wife of 15 years. They found binoculars on his car seat. Family members say the couple had been separated recently. Gerald allegedly followed 42-year-old Cynthia Barnes into the store. When she left he followed her to her car. "The violence toward this lady started outside the car and as she sought refuge inside the vehicle, he continued to fire upon her," says Cataldie. Cataldie says Cynthia was hit multiple times in the face and once in the chest.  1/25/2003

Despite a label on his file jacket at Pilgrim Psychiatric Center saying that authorities should be notified if Adam Berwid escaped, and despite letters from authorities urging that he not be released, Berwid was given a weekend pass and went to the home in Mineola where his ex-wife Ewa Berwid and children, ages 4 and 7, were living. Berwid, 43, killed his ex-wife with a knife he had bought for the purpose, washed the body, cleaned up the blood and then placed the corpse on a cot with candles on each side. Then he called the Nassau district attorney's office to tell what he had done. Convicted of murder, he was sentenced to 35 years to life.  12/6/1979

KALAMAZOO -- A Kalamazoo College junior killed his ex-girlfriend and then himself in his dorm room with a shotgun he bought about the time the couple broke up. Capt. Jerome Bryant said it appeared that Neenef Odah, 20, shot Margaret Wardle, 19, twice before turning the gun on himself. The students started dating last year, but broke up about a month ago. Soon after that, Odah bought the gun he used Monday. The shootings followed a late-night argument.  Bryant said: "We believe (Odah) was not handling the break-up very well and attempts to put the relationship back together had failed." 1999

Angry because their two-year-old relationship was ending, Reggie Graves choked his ex-girlfriend to death, a Kenton County prosecutor told jurors. Graves was found guilty of murder for the death of Kimberly Sipe. Ms. Sipe, 24, a mother of two who had given birth days earlier to Graves' daughter, disappeared after leaving her Newport home on Jan. 12, 1998. Her body was found on the Covington side of the river a week later. The night before she disappeared, Graves called Ms. Sipe from a rehab center, Buring said. He was screaming in rage, saying he would kill her because he wanted no one else to have her. Shortly before her death, Graves had a conversation with Ms. Sipe's mother, Marilyn Jones. Ms. Jones asked Graves why he continued to beat her daughter, and Buring said the conversation included: ''Can't you just leave her alone?'' Ms. Jones asked. ''I can't,'' Graves said.  11/1999

A Palmdale father -- a man who neighbors described as a devout church-goer who loved his children -- shot his 8- and 15-year-old daughters, then himself, because his wife wanted to separate, authorities said.  4/2004

A man fatally shot his ex-girlfriend as she watched her young son play baseball at a crowded Lancaster park. The man also killed himself.  4/2004

MACOMB, MICHIGAN -- Daniel Rey Chandler, 24 years old, went to the home of his 21-year-old ex-girlfriend and hid in her back yard.  When she walked out to her car, he grabbed her and forced her back into her home.  He punched her in the face and hit her with a rock, then used a knife to force her and her child into their car.  He took them to his place, kept them there until night and then raped her.  He threatened to kill her if she told anyone, then he released them.  He was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, second-degree CSC, kidnapping and assault with intent to do great bodily harm.   12/2000

WEST PALM BEACH -- Ortilio Pedroso was visiting family in Cuba when he called his recently divorced wife, Miriam, in Palm Springs. She told him had found another man. Pedroso went straight to the airport and flew to Miami. He went to her apartment and had a heated argument with Miriam and her new partner. To separate the two men, Miriam went on a short car ride with Ortilio to reason with him. When things worsened Miriam jumped out of the moving car and Pedroso -- claiming he slammed the car into reverse to go back and speak to her -- ran her over. Witnesses said he backed up and moved forward several times, rolling over her body each time. Pedroso said he was simply trying to dislodge Miriam from the wheel well. Police reports dating to the early 1990s chronicle Pedroso's excessive drinking and his wife's attempts to curb it. Officers were called several times when neighbors complained he was violent, drunk or playing music too loud. The arguments persisted over the years until the couple had a confrontation Thanksgiving Day, when Pedroso allegedly threatened his then-wife at their daughter's home and tried to get her to take a drive with him. That day, she refused. After her death, Pedroso sped off and crashed in what Pedroso called a suicide attempt. Officers arrived, asked him what happened, and Pedroso answered: "I just killed my wife." [Notice that she was no longer his wife, but he still referred to her as such, and probably still thought of her as "his".]  4/2004

PONTIAC, MICHIGAN - 33-year-old Daniel Franklin raped his ex-wife Machekia Robinson when he was released from prison. Her family has said she tried to report the rape at the police station, but police claim she only inquired about personal protection orders. Either way, Franklin returned later on and murdered Ms. Robinson and two of her daughters. He was charged with three counts of first-degree murder.  6/2003

A mother in Indiana was awakened in the middle of the night by someone dragging her out of bed by her ankle.  As she hit the floor she recognized her ex-husband, Kevin E. Manuel, 31.  He threatened to kill her and her two children (elsewhere in the house) if she were to scream.  He raped her, then left via the bedroom window.  Manuel claimed the sex was consensual, but police observed scratch marks on Manuel's torso, which corroborated the victim's story.  The perpetrator was charged with rape, a Class A Felony that carries up to 30 years imprisonment and a $10,000 fine.  11/5/2003  

"A lifelong friend was raped by her ex-husband and father of her child. He held her captive for nearly 12 hours, handcuffed and duct-tape over her mouth, with their son in the other room. The only good thing was that he did not rape and sodomize her in front of the child. He had talked of murder/suicide, but she managed to talk him out of it." Link

Caroline Young's ex-husband attacked her with a knife and she beat him up! Link



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